September RECAP!!!

Amigas its OCTOBER 2021!!!! WTF how are we here and how did we get here so fast?? Buts we are OH so so excited about SPOOKY SEASON!!! 

September was literally 5 min so here is a RECAP of the month here at PGC along with all the 5 things we obsessed with this month. 

 1. CARBONE MIAMI- We started September with all the Diamond Glitter, our DIAMONDS ARE A GIRLS BEST FRIEND COLLECTION launched September 8th and the very awaited tennis necklaces along with other pretties made their debut. To celebrate all the Diamonds we had a fabulous dinner with some of our fav amigas at Carbone. 

If you live in Miami or come visit please add this restaurant to your list to visit. It is delicious, the service is spectacular and the margaritas (yes I know super weird they are an Italian restaurant) are insanely good! They are famous for their Spicy Rigatoni which is a must, we are obsessed with their veal its thin and extra crispy. Another star is their bread basket I would dare to say its the best bread basket in Miami its served with sliced spicy pepperoni and spicy cauliflower antipasto.

Make your reservation on RESY asap and show up dripping in our 💎 best sellers Blue Hope Necklace, Taylor & Burton Necklace, and the Star of Africa Earrings

2. COWBOY BOOTS- yes amiga we ARE OBSESSED! Over the summer we were a little shy wearing our boots but as soon as "FALL" started we jumped on this trend big time and I must say I'm here for it! They are comfy, cute and a fab rotation to have along with our sneakers. I must confess they are my  #1 constant accessory other than our gold pretties for every CANES game PLUSSSSS did you see Jlo at the Met Gala cowboy chic is a thing! Our top three boots are:

- Laredo Women's Wester Boots from amazon they are true cowboy boots and we love the square point.

ANN CREEK Women's 'Claremont' Texture Patch Boots from amazon Kari (@kasalmen) shared these trendy pair with us and we love them plus the price is amazing.

Minimalist Chunky Heeled Boots from SHEIN they are shorter and come in so many sizes. We got the white but have an eye on the green pair. Of course these have the best pricing and they look so cute on.

3. DISNEY 50TH ANNIVERSARY- you know we are DISNEY LOVERS here at PGC but with the 50th anniversary our love has grown exponential. We visited Disney with the kids and got a glimpse of all things 50th celebration. We rode Ratatouille, search for all the gold statues and loved how the castle was dressed for the big celebration. We share all the fun here. If you can amiga head over to the most magical place on earth because with all the 50th celebration it feels even more magical. 

4. TRADE JOE'S Secco Bellinis. OMG our friend RFT recommended this bottle in her stories so when we were planning our monthly House of Charm sip and shop, we knew immediately we wanted to have this fab drink. We hosted a Bellini & Croquetas event for our amigas to shop, sip and snack with us as we celebrated our FALLING FOR GOLD COLLECTION. The star of the show other than our Apple Pie & Pecan Necklace was this Bellini. Everyone loved it! They are made with Prosecco and come in flavors like the classic peach, as well as variations such as mango, strawberry-raspberry and grapefruit. Best of all, these bottles of bubbly are only $5.99. It's now a must have here at House of Charm.

 5. Squid Game!!! Amiga you know how obsessed we are with this show!!! It is a must watch!!! It's only 9 episodes long so super easy to binge. It is not kids friendly so do keep that in mind. It's a Korean Thiller that shows hundreds down in luck people risking it all in reality show like games based on popular kids game. It really plays the two ends of human nature, good and bad while also showing the underbelly of poverty and human desperation. ALL I CAN SAY IS RUN AND WATCH!!!!!

There you have it amiga! These are the 5 things we were OBSESSED with in September! We are excited to see what spooky October brings our way and what new obsessions we can share with you! Let us know if you share our obsession with any of the above or if you hate any of these.

With love Lina & Sarah

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