This week we attended a super fun event with our friends It's Us The Duo, it was a Halloween Theme EXTRAVAGANZA with shops perosnally curated bye @itsmemariasee and @kasalmen. Attending events is one of my favorites because we get to meet and hug our #PGCamigas. We had so much fun meeting everyone and catching up with others, it was so fun because we got to help style our pieces  with you while you shopped. The number one question we got through the night was:


So here it is this are my top 5 tips to styling the perfect necklace stack. First of a necklace stack is two or more necklaces layered and worn together its a super chic and cool trend that is going strong for some years but now for 2021, we've seen it evolve from just dainty pieces to include yummy chunky chains, mixture of textures and gems.

1. It's all in the length: this is the most important tip for your necklace stack. make sure you are wearing necklaces that are different lengths. We usually recommend to wear necklaces that had a 2 in difference in length. For example in the picture below the first layer Gloria Necklace is 14 in, second layer Pecan Necklace is a 16 in and the last layer Brown Sugar & Fig Necklace is a 17 in but with the extension I made it longer to be around 18 inches. (PS: Amiga remember most of our necklaces come with a 2 in extension so you can play around with your layers)


2. Play With Shapes: this is a personal fav when layering dainty necklaces. This mainly goes for charm shapes combining necklaces that have wide charms like a  Presley Necklace is a beautiful layer that pairs we all with chains that have drop circular charms. Always keep in mind that playin around with different shapes making your stack look cohesive and not repetitive. If you are going to use same shapes have fun with sizes.

3. Texturize your Stack: Charms are fun but they are not the only way to create fun layers. Texture is also a simple and elegant way to add extra sparkle to your layers and you can get away with layering same length necklaces with out it looking frumpy. Like the picture below the it has diamonds, pearls, textured chain and dainty gold balls. All necklaces are very similar in length but with the different textures you can still appreciate each necklace with out it looking messy.

4. CHUNKY IS IN!!: Amiga don't be afraid to layer in chunky chains into your stack they are a perfect statement for a necklace stack and it is a great way to add extra golden vibes to a necklace stack. having a mixture of dainty and chunky gives your necklace layering dimension and makes it pop.  

5. Make it Personal: This is a fun way to really make your necklace stack your own! I love including a necklace with your last name initial like our Mae Necklace or with your showing your mom love with Kiddo Love Necklace as one of your layers, or with a personalized Nena Necklace with charms that represent special thing, people and events in your life. When you add a personalized layer it always makes it that much special and you have a constant reminder of the people/things that make your heart pitter patter.

 Amiga most importantly have FUN!!!! Play around with your pieces while you are infant of the mirror to see what works best for YOU!!! take a chance combine lengths, shapes, sizes and textures there is no wrong necklace layering!!! Hope you have fun layering those necklace stacks, can't wait to see you working those layers!! Tag us on your pic so we don't miss all the pretties!!!

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