Falling For Gold Collection

We love Fall & all it’s beautiful colors! 🍂🍁


When we started thinking about fall and the meaning behind this collection we couldn't help but get lost in the nostalgia of it all.  It's really the season when we look back on the year we've had and reflect.  Amigas, can't you just smell fall?!  The pumpkin spice, delicious apple pie, the crispness in the air from the temperature change (ok, not in Miami but STILL!).  We wanted this collection to bring you simple, statement pieces that can carry you through the season whether you're sweating in that chunky sweater down here in Miami or bundled up in the snow in Upstate New York.  These elegant necklaces and earrings are meant to make you feel chic and gorgeous.  We feel this collection deep in our souls and we hope you all do too. 

Cheers to Fall Y'all!!

Lina & Sarah