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Tomorrow is October 1st and in a blink 2021 will be done!!! We have three months left of this year and it feels like its both flown by but also creeped by at a snail like pace. It really got me thinking and reflecting on all the BIG, small, amazing, embarrassing, bad, ugly, fun moments we've had so far. As we start executing all our Holiday plans my mind wondered to a question we received during our TRY ON TUESDAY question box this week. 

How do you get inspiration for your collections?

 Of course the first thing I wanted to answer was something romantic like " I get inspiration from life or a fancy designer like van cleef. So I started thinking what really inspires me to make all the gold pretties, quickly I got interrupted by my whining 8 year old complaining about his "stupid math home work". Don't judge I've told him a million times not to use the word stupid but here we are and it was 6:30 pm, I was not ready to take on that fight. So I asked why it was stupid and he answered" because it's the same every day. Juan P is in 3rd grade learning multiplication and every week he is assigned a number for which he has to write out the times table for that specific number twice each day for the whole week. By Wednesday he complains that its "Stupid" because he knows it why keep doing it! So I answered Juan P you have to do it because in doing it every day consistently its how you master multiplication. And just like that it hit me!!!

I don't really get inspiration per say, but rather I just create or make. It is in the creating and making that I find the elusive "inspiration" and my hands and heart start making magic and then my brain catches up and strings everything together. I say this not because I think I have real magic in my hands but because I truly believe and the past year has served as proof that "Action is the antidote to anxiety". Amiga, It is in the doing where the magic happens!  

So whether you're tackling a huge home to do list, an end of quarter project at work or deciding what to cook for dinner tonight always remember to count to 5 and just take action any action is better than just pondering upon inspiration. It is in that action where you'l find your magic!!!! 

With that life lesson from my 8 year old I leave you so I can start doing some gold pretties for the up coming Spooky Fancy Friday! DM or email us tell us what you are working on today?

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