RECAP Jan 2022

wwoooowww January 1st feels it was a million lifetimes away but also like January happened in a blink of an eye!!!

The start of 2022 was so so weird and crazy the world was rocked with the big O (Thanks covid) but we could all feel a sense of peace with a new year ahead filled with endless possibilities.

So many things happened during the month of January that we want to share with you!!

First off we have two new additions to our PGC Team, Naty and Gaby. They are helping us expand and keep our growing all the awesomeness here at House of Charm. 

We enjoyed the tail end of 12 Days of Christmas Sale!!! Many gold pretties went out to new homes and that made our Hearts so happy.

January was also Lina's Birthday and we celebrated with a BIG BIG sale plus we tried new restaurant Sadelle's Here in Miami and it was to die for!! Definitely we recommend its INSTA WORTHY and everything we had was DELICIOUS!!!


Our First collection of 2022 was the Pursuit Of Happiness, and it really was a labor of love. It was inspired by the heaviness of December 2021 and how we must search for happiness with in all the small things in your day to day. 

We hosted our FIRST EVER INSTAGRAM LIVE SALE!! and amiga you LOVED IT!! It was so so much fun to spend all Saturday Morning with you chismeando, and doing some fun shopping. You can catch a REPLAY HERE!! (lots of outfit changes and laughs)


We closed the month we celebrated with our fav amigas Galetine's Day with fabulous pink and lavender party. It was an amazing day, we learned how to make a floral arrangement with Let's Bloom Floral and we previewed our newest collection Girls Day Out. 


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