Galentine's Day Cocktails!

Amiga you know we are big fans of hosting fun party!!! Recently we hosted our annual Galentine's Day party to celebrate the launch of our Girl's Day Out Collection  our fav red head @redforthought hosted us at her house. We had so much fun!!! (check out all the party fun here and a list of all our amazon must haves for Galentine's Here)

Of course we had to have cutest cocktails for our amigas to sip and enjoy as we spent a magic day with friends! These valentines themed cocktails are so simple to make with only two ingredients.

Our first cocktail is the Strawberry Cotton Candy Prosecco! Take your pick of different cotton candy flavors, we OBVIOUSLY chose pink, and pour the Prosecco in for a pink drink delight! We purchased the Cotton Candy Machine from Amazon and we served this drink in these elegant coupes.

Our second cocktail, Boozy Rosé popsicles! These super easy to make cocktails are super fun and super cute! Start by freezing your popsicles, we chose to do a strawberry and Miraval Rosé mixture that we poured into our popsicle molds purchased on Amazon - in full PGC style we winged it but we definitely used an entire bottle because Miraval is our favorite! When ready to serve pour in the Rosé, and Enjoy!

Our third cocktail was a Red Heart Swedish Bellini, we purchased the cutest on theme heart shaped Swedish fish from Amazon and of course we used our favorite Bellini from Trader Joe's. This drink was super simple yet super delicious. We set up the drinks with the heart shaped fishes and when ready to serve poured in the Bellini, and it was most definitely a crowd pleaser for our gals! 

Serve these pretty drinks for romance or for a girls night Galentine's Party! 

Wishing you a love filled season!

Lina & Sarah 




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