2021 RECAP - Conviction and a Grateful Heart ❤️

Amiga it's 2022!!! repeat after me 2022 wowwwwww where did time go?

2021 flew but January 2021 feels like a lifetime ago. Last year as a collective society we had a crazy year filled with big highs and low lows. Here at PGC we must confess the days felt eternal and sometime heavy and stressful but the year overall flew by and was a whirlwind of big milestones. All these milestone are all because of YOU amiga!!! You helped make all our wins come true, without your support we would've never achieved them. So here is a round up of all the happiness you helped us build last year.

- We opened our 1st House of Charm Home, so we can welcome you and share a big piece of our hearts with you

- We launched a total of Collections and YOU supported us through each and everyone of our launches! THANK YOU!!!

- With your help we were able to give back to our community with donation to:

- We launched PGC Sleepware 

To all of this we say thank you thank you!!!! we are eternally grateful for you continued support and LOVE!!!!

So what's in store for 2022 amiga??? Lots and lots of magic:

- Loads of more gold pretties

- growing our PGC Team: January 4th we welcomed our newest member Natalie

- more pjs: new styles and colors

Last but not least: a new product launching March 2022 that we hope you love!

All in all 

CONVICTION. When we look back at our 2021 journey that is definitely the word that first pops into our minds. Conviction in our beliefs, vision, friendship, faith, dream and in PGC! Amiga dream big but don’t forget to walk & act with tute conviction! May your 2022 be filled with a million blessing and the virgencita fill your life with love and laughter!!!!

with love Lina and Sarah

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