Monster Bash Drinks

Amiga Spooky season is here and you know there is nothing we love more than a fun cocktail drink!!!! We hosted a Hocus Pocus 2 viewing party and tried these fun drinks everyone loved them!! YOU will love them too! They are super easy to make and so so fun plus they are instagramable for all your cute Halloween pics. We ordered everything through Target delivery, Amazon and Total Wine Delivery (aside from target delivery and prime its is the best delivery invention ever lol)


First is the "SKULLY BUBBLES" amiga it's the easiest of recipes and it is spookylicious. 



food coloring

halloween sprinkle/sugar


skull halloween gummy

Dip rim of tall champagne flute in honey and then dip in halloween sprinkle/sugar. We used the purple sugar to match the gummy and color for the drink. Serve ice cold Prosecco or champagne, add one drop of red food coloring and one drop of blue food coloring. It will mix into a rich spooky purple, slice skull gummy and perch over rim. Voila SKULL BUBBLES is ready to drink. For extra dramatic effect drop in a pebble of dry ice. 

 The second hialloweenie drink is also super easy to make and it will have you spooked, Wormish Bellini. 




Halloween Sprinkles

Halloween Worm Gummies


Amiga in a stemless wine glass dip the rim with Honey and once covered in honey dip in Halloween Sprinkles. We choose the green, purple, orange & purple sprinkles because they looked like maggots dripping from the rim making it extra spooky. Pour a generous pour of Bellini, this time we used mango flavored because the color was perfect contrast for the gummies and sprinkles. If you don't like mango here is the link for the traditional flavor Bellini. Add ice and a couple of Halloween Worm Gummies inside drink plus one worm mommy hanging outside from the rim and you are ready to sip this spookily drink.

 Last but certainly not least is the Vampire Spritz, this one has a few more steps but it is so worth it and still super easy to make amiga.


Lime Juice




St Elder Pink Grapefruit Liqueur 

Vampire Teeth Gummies

Red Food Coloring

Amiga in a stemless wine glass squeeze the juice of half a lime, throw in 3-4 raspberries muddle or let sit for some minutes. Pour one ounce (we use our drink measuring tool from this kit) of St Elder Pink Grapefruit Liqueur , add ice. Top off with prosecco/champagne/Brut , stir to mix in ingredients. Drop in two or three Vampire Teeth Gummies and two drops of Red Food Coloring for bloody effect and you are ready to enjoy this refreshing Vampire yumminess. 

Now call over your besties and cheers to a fabulous HALLOWEEN SEASON!!!

Let us know which one was your fav!

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