Halloween S'mores

Amiga yesterday was a super rainy day her in Miami and we had all the pool plans..... Yeap not the best butttttt mom was able to save the day I had stashed this activity for a crazy day and yesterday was the day! HALLOWEEN S''MORES!!! and omg the kids had so so much fun!! 

It is super easy and fun plus it will make you feel like a Pinterest mom lol

What you will need:

Indoor Fire Pit

marshmallow (we went with halloween peeps because they are too cute but if its not halloween just pull any old marshmallow and it will be equally delicious)

Hersheys Chocolate bar

Hersheys Cookies and Cream bars

Honey Grahams Cookies or Oreos or Chips Ahoy (we went with all of the above because again pool with friends was cancelled lol)

Fun M&Ms (we went with halloween but used the ones your kids love best)

Wood Skewer Sticks

A fun Halloween Tray, we also love this one in the shape of a vampire coffin

Vampire Teeth, Spiders and Gummies for extra Decoration

70% Alcohol for fire pit

BBQ Lighter

 Super easy set up inside or outside the mini fire pit is indoor safe, and it comes with a cover to put out. Fill pit with alcohol and light up. Set up your ingredients in a cute tray if you want to feel fancy if not grab directly from bags/wrappers and start roasting your marshmallow. We loved using the different cookies and chocolates. Once done cover the pit and the flame will go off. Amiga the kids had so much fun, Nena (3 years) and Juan P (9 years) they were so excited to see the ghost marshmallow melt and they forgot all about their pool day! It was a win in my book!!!!


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