We Try It Wednesday October 5th

As I transition life as a first time living alone, security is the biggest priority in my mind. I went from living at home with my parents, to my roomate in college to my husband at home. Now with all the new normal and having to spend days alone at home with the kiddos or even alone alone me at the house. I felt I needed extra security around the home because one never knows. With the holidays around the corner things start to get a little crazy. So I decided to purchase Blink Video Door Bell plus Sync Module 2, and amiga I love them!!!! I wasn't expecting much since they it was so cheap compared to other brands available. But let me tell you something I am amazed. 

First off set up was a breeze, I am not very technical or bob the builder so I was nervous about set up. It's super easy it literally is plus and play with the Blink app. I decided to buy a bundle with the sync module so I could take advantage of all the features offered with the app. I did a wireless set up so I kept my regular doorbell as well because I have no idea how to wire that on my own. I will be changing to have it wired this month. But In the meanwhile even with the wireless battery operated I am amazed. The daytime and night time picture quality are amazing!! 

You can set up notifications for motion, when someone is at the door, and you can watch a live feed directly from you app. It does have audio two ways which is super cool when you have your UPS guy come drop a package and you are not home but want to let them know to just leave on the porch or to hide it behind a plant so your hubby doesn't see it lol. 

With the app and their monthly service you can store videos from based on motion or when the bell rings which is super convenient for sharing or keeping tabs of crazy teenagers coming in and out of the house. 

With prime early access sale coming October 11 &12 this is a fab little gadget to get for your home or a great gift for a white elephant, in laws or parents. 



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