Doing it for the GRAM! Disney Edition

It's Fall amigas!!! Today is the official first day of FALL and its 88 degrees here in Miami, but we don't care we are ready to enjoy all the spooky fun, cozy sweaters, pumpkin yumminess and of course all the gold fall pretties. One of the most daunting tasks we have in our day to day is finding, producing & creating interesting content for instagram. Everyone thinks its just take a cute pic and post. As new small business owners we quickly learned that once you start using the app to monetize your brand and maximize its potential for sales it turns into huge work load! In an effort to minimize our insta burden we like to pre plan and batch our content so we always have a content accessible as we post day to day and not have to worry about images or videos to post through out the day.   

As we were getting ready for our new Falling for Gold Collection, we decided it was an AMAZING idea to take a mommy & kids solo trip to Disney. My sister Pia, had found reservations for the preview of the Ratatouille ride in Epcot and Sarah and I thought it would be super cute to take our kids and gold pretties on the road. "we can take super cute pics and videos for content plus it will be super fun!!!" We all know as a small business owner producing social media content is a full time job so it seamed like a perfect way to have a day at Disney & create beautiful content for the GRAM. The words of an over optimist mom.... lol

It was definitely an adventure filled with lots of memories! We stayed at the Swan hotel which I must say was a FANTASTIC pick. We had never stayed in this hotel and we are FANS!!! The rooms had great size, we stayed all 5 of us in the same room. (two moms, two toddlers and one 8 year old) We were able to fit all of us, a pack and play, all the bags and our two strollers and not feel cramped. Like expected from staying in other Disney hotels the service from hotel staff was delightful. What we loved most about the hotel was how centralized it is, we walked through the boardwalk to Epcot and we took a Friendship Boat to Hollywood Studios it was so easy and hassle free, which was perfect since it was us alone with all the kids. the other strong pro for this hotel was the restaurant options, for breakfast we enjoyed yummy mickey waffles at the Garden Grove Restaurant. For dining it offers quick bites and restaurants like Shula's Steakhouse for a more formal dinner. We ended up having dinner at Shula's one of the nights we stayed, and were pleasantly surprised that they had no formal dress code. We had just arrived back from Epcot looking a hot mess and starving ZERO desire to get glammed to have dinner. The food was delicious and the service was impeccable. They have great options for their kids menu.

During our stay we visited three parks in total; first day we went to Hollywoods Studios, second day we had our reservations for Ratatouille in Epcot and the last day we went to Magic Kingdom. I must say the new section built for the Ratatouille ride is super cute, the whole area is designed to feel as if it’s a charming Parisian boulevard overlooking the Seine, and it definitely succeeds. The charming area is home for the newest French restaurant called La Crêperie de Paris. We didn't get a chance to try it but it smelled DELICIOUS!!!! The ride itself was fun, you ride a rat mobile through Remy's Parisian kitchen. There is also no height restriction, so kids of all ages are free to ride. Similar to Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance and Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway, the Ratatouille Disney World ride is trackless. As this is a 4D attraction, you also get to enjoy a few surprising sensorial effects, breath in the smell of baked goods, get splashed by mop water, feel the heat of an oven’s pilot light as it flames on above you. 

Like always the kids had a magic time, the mamas well our time was magical with a dash of sweat and a side of exhausted!! IT WAS SCORCHING HOT!!!!!! We really didn't think this through when we decided to use the trip as a photo session opportunity lmao!! We were melting, the kids were melting, make up gone, hair frizzy and sweaty. IT WAS NOT PRETTY amiga were wore all our pretty necklaces, bracelets and earrings every damn day but the HEAT was impossible!!! We must say all the heat and sweat while we wore our jewelry really is a testament to the quality of the product, nothing turned black and everything looks gold and sparkly, so at least we can say we did material quality control during the trip. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 

All in all we had an amazing time & made long lasting memories it was a PLUS that we manage to squeeze a solid 10-12 pictures out of the trip so we'll call it a win!!!! Head to our insta to see our magical  Disney photo dump, and let us know are you a team photo dump or team Facebook Albums Circa 2009. 




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