3 activities to do with your AMIGAS!

Hola hola Amigas! 

Even the most fabulous ladies have to get creative with their bonding ideas here are three creative ideas you can do with your amigas at any get together such as a birthday, baby shower, or for girls day and create a lifetime of memories through new experiences! 

A manifestation and growth party is a great way to set out your goals, intentions, and manifest the most wonderful things into your life. We celebrated Karina's Birthday by completing Enneagram Personality tests, and creating Vision Boards in celebration of everything coming her way in this new year of life. The goal of the Enneagram Test is to deliver a better understanding of your motivations, strengths and weaknesses, and you will also gain knowledge on how compatible you and your amigas are! Our second activity was to make our manifestation boards creating a collage of images, words, patterns and stickers that spark motivation and remind you of your values, goals, and dreams everyday. Amazon saved the day once again by making it so easy to get all the materials like our canvases, patches, paint, and guided vision board cut out books

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For a flower filled fun activity we teamed up with @letsbloomfloral to create beautiful flower arrangements and cover the principals and elements of flower designs, color theory, as well as the care and handling of flowers for longevity and appearance. You bring the creative spirit and go home with an amazing floral arrangement! 

If your feeling creative and want to do a DIY flower arrangement class, you can pick up fresh flowers from your local Trader Joes, and shop our amazon storefront for all necessary netting, vases, and DIY arrangement books

Making candles at home is so much fun, and using a candle-making kit from Amazon makes it just that much easier! Beginners can jump in with no worries as everything you need is sent to your door. This set is all natural soybean wax, 16 kinds of bright colored candles and scents such as lavender, lemon, jasmine, rose, mint etc. You can add your favorite dried flowers to the candle and enjoy peace and comfort when lighting the candle, and have a memory of your amigas every time you light it up! 


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