Behind all the glitter and sparkle....

Last week we went to an amazing dinner with some of our fav #pgcamigas to a delicious and trendy restaurant here in Miami. As I was getting ready to head out I made a comment of how tired I was (it was Monday the kids had been extra needy, school recently started so pick up was eternal), and my husbands response was "why are you complaining te vas de fiesta". (te vas de fiesta- you are going to a party). Although I know he was half joking his comment hit a nerve, but I decided to ignore it and enjoy a night of girl time, spicy rigatoni and wine.

The dinner was a total success, we all had an amazing time and we were able to capture lots of visual content that we could use on instagram (the work portion of dinner). My husbands comment got washed away as a silly banter, that was until this past weekend when we had a family dinner and one of my uncles made a joke and said something along the lines of, being on instagram, taking pictures and doing jewelry wasn't hard at all. His exact words in Spanish "eso es puro faranduleo".

Although I know it was meant as a light joke, it really made me think and reflect how social media many times creates a perception of reality that often is not true at all. While most see just the glitter and sparkle of the beautiful pictures, or the humor of a funny video, what you can't see is the unglamorous behind the scenes plus the energy, effort, and work that goes along with trying to make a small business a reality.

So because of this, at PGC we have decided that we will be sharing our messy, crazy, and unglamorous journey as small business owners right here in our blog and we'll sprinkle in the most asked questions we get through Instagram on our "Try On Tuesday" question box. We pray this will help us channel our rage anytime we hear comments about how our job is easy plus serve other mommas that are juggling all the things in life: running a side hustle, working full time, thinking of starting a new business and keeping little humans alive.


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