3 Easy, Insta Worth & Yummy Holiday Drinks

This weekend we hosted our annual Friendsgiving it was a PJS Party!!!!So we got to eat yummy fun, drink all the drinks & be comfy in our PJs it was a Christmas Miracle.

Inspired by the QUEEN OF ALL THINGS PRETTY @jensgatheringnest we decided to celebrate with super cute, delicious Holiday Drinks. Like many of the things at PGC this was a "wing it" Christmas Activity we decided the day of so, we adventured to Target to find all the thing and pray we could find something to make these cute drinks. 

Thank goodness trusty target came in for the win and were able to whip up some Christmas Cocktail Magic:

Coquito, Snowman Bellini and Christmas Paloma!!! A little bit for everyone and all tastebuds.


Being that Lina lived many years in Puerto Rico & Sarah's mom is Puertorriqueña we could not have a Christmas party with out some delicious "Coquito" and please DO NOT SAY its eggnog because it's not AT ALL!!! Here is our simple yummy recipe for some killer coquito.

- 2 Cans Coco Lopez Coconut Cream ( must be the cream has all the calories but makes it silky and oh so creamy)

- 2 Cans evaporated milk

- 2 Cans condense milk (please the regular fatting one don't you dare grab light or skim or any weird option if you're counting calories this Christmas please skip this drink 🤣 )

- Tablespoon Vanilla 

- A pink of Cinnamon 

- Rum to taste ( write this just to say I am not judging anyones alcohol consumption after the crazy year we've had. This time I might have poured have a bottle of rum and received a couple of OMG but no body complained once they started drinking!)

Garnish: Rim white chocolate (we used Ghirardelli white chocolate melts) Christmas sugar sprinkle, and a peeps Gingerbread marshmallow 

For Guava version add one cup of Constancia Guava Dessert.

We wanted to be a little extra so we served them in a Christmas ornament with everyones name on it made by @jesslightly she does the most beautiful calligraphy (plus she is one of the coolest chicks we know) & in a Coupe glass we purchased at Target. 


This one was definitely our favorite to make are you ready for it......

- Trade Joe's Bellini

Garnish: Rim Honey, Christmas Sugar Sprinkles & Snowman Christmas Peep

Also Served Them in the fab Coupe Glasses From Target!

I told you amiga our fav its easy peesy & oh so yummy!!!


I know this sounds a little to tropical buttttt we live in Miami it's 80s so we needed something yummy and refreshing.

- Fresh Squeeze Grapefruit Juice ( if you don't have any fresh squeeze you can use grapefruit flavor soda like jarritos)

- Casamigos Blanco again to taste because it will all depend on your day 

- splash of Topo Chico ( if you used grapefruit soda you can skip this)

- fresh lime

- lots of ice (yes this is an important ingredient remember its 80 degrees here)

Garnish: Fresh cranberries, a rosemary stem & lime wedge

Shake/stir your ingredients over your crunchy ice and enjoy amiga you deserve it!!!

We used our PGC Wine, Snacks & Gold pretties glasses because even though it was not wine it was too cute not to use them! ✨

I must confess it was as much fun making these as they were drinking them! it made it oh so festive plus all the girl (moms at the party aka our friends) loved and of course posted on INSTA for all the holiday vibes!!!

Tell us which one will you be making this Holiday??




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