HAVE YOU EVER BEEN STUCK FOR MULTIPLE HOURS WITH KIDDOS IN AN AIRPLANE??? I recently did after our connection flight through Atlanta was divert and cancelled and it was chaotic 19 hour trip. How did I survive? With Mickey Ds, gratitude, coffee & some kiddos traveling must haves!!!

For summer vacation I decided to have a MIDWEST HUZZAH with the kids! Yes amiga the midwest! Every year Juan P usually spends a month of summer with my parents it started when he was 4 and my parents lived in Minnesota, it was an experience that he shared every summer along with his cousin Emma. With all the changes my family had on 2022 with my divorce and being unable to coordinate so he could have this experience last year, I decided that to continue this meaningful tradition for him and now that Nena was 4 introduce her to this fun summer experience. So we are all spending 2 weeks having a MIDWEST HUZZAH!!! My parents now live in Kansas so we are embracing all the fun Midwestern Summer Activities and experience life here in the Midwest. 

Thank goodness up until this trip I had never had a crazy traveling experience but even regular air travel with kiddos is an extreme sport 😂 small spaces and rambunctious are not the best pairing! When we travel I always pack a carry on fun backpack for each kiddo to help make air travel entertaining and keep littles busy. POR DIOS THESE FUN BACKPACK SAVED US!!!!! 

Amiga the secret to success with fun travel backpacks are how they get organized. I use these mesh zipper pouches, each pouch gets filled with individual activities, toy set or game sprinkled with different snacks in each pouch. This way when you are waiting for your flight or midair one set is opened at a time and every time one pouch is opened its a new exciting surprise plus they won't eat all the snack in one sitting!

For Nena who is four I did four pouches:

Pouch One - Barbie fun I packed her new Barbie The Movie Doll , and Ken. Along with some fun Barbie dress up goodies so she could join in with all the Barbie fun. For snackies Barbie had gummies strawberries and pirate booty.

Pouch Two - was all about colors! I packed crayons, markers, Princess coloring book that included stickers, Frozen Mess Free pack, and fun Bluey Sticker. Snacks included Nutella & Go, gold fish, and dried pineapples.

Pouch Three - Princess & Dress Up, packed with four of her fav mini Princesses Ariel, Cinderella, Belle and Elsa. Fun Minnie pretend pack left behind the purse and only brought along all the accessories. Plus assorted princess lip glosses! Snackies included Cheetos puffs, graham bears, and a banana.

Pouch Four - Games!!! this pouch was packed with games to play with mom or brother so it helped to entertain me and Juan P. Included: princess magnet puzzle, Princess Memory Game (this one we played together on top of the tray tables and travel connect four (Nena and Juan P played together. Snacks included popcorn, little bites and a clementine.

Juan P got three pouches:

Pouch One - Brain teasers, IQ focus game amazing for problem solving, concentration and quiet time specially because when doing competition style against mom it is so much fun, and Wooden Puzzle Jigsaw a fav for GenAlpha. Snacks included apple slices, peanut butter and cheeze its.

Pouch Two - Summer School Reading book and math packet not the funnest pouch but it has to get done! 😂 Extra yummy snackies to make up for school work blue Doritos and Nutella & Go.

Pouch Three - UNO Flip, Juan Ps fav we played with an aisle neighbor while waiting at our diverted airport, and Travel Size Battleship. For snacks clementine, popcorn and little bites. 

Of course we also packed Nena's iPad and Juan P's phone for pre downloaded movies and shows, but after the first 1.5 hour of flying electronics were no longer interesting and fun backpacks were what kept both kiddos entertained and Mami sane! 

Since we our flight got cancelled and we have to stay overnight in Atlanta the next day new snakes were packed into pouches for a second day of fun!

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Love you big amiga 



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