Amiga this week's amazon must have best sellers are giving getting ready for Back to School vibes!!

1. Keep everything organized and labeled with this back to school must have label maker. It's also great for labeling and organizing kitchen items, closet, toys, bathroom, label everything!!!

2. Sometimes our home needs a little season refresh but also for it to be low maintenance because taking care of another thing is not the vibe these Olive Trees are gorgeous additions that don't require any work. 

3. Amiga you are running around enjoying the last squeeze of summer playing outside, or running around uniform shopping and visiting the dentist before school start this super cute and comfy tennis dress is a must specially in this boiling weather. comes in nine colors. 

4. Organize legos, puzzles, extra change of clothes in backpack, ANYTHING!!!! These super functional mesh zipper bags are an organizing dream helps everything have its place and will make you feel so organized. I use them to travel individual pre selected outfit combinations for my 10 year old boy, and to organize all the barbie clothes. 

 For more amazon finds amiga go shop our amazon store front!! Plus last weeks MUST HAVES are here. 

Love you Big,

Lina & Sarah


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