Amiga this week has all been about catching up, organizing and planning!!!! We have so so many fun things planned for the last quarter of the year plus we think it's safe to say we are all soaking up the last few drops of summer and getting ready for Back to School!

  • this weeks best seller KIDDO LOVE NECKLACE was on top, joined by MAE NECKLACE must have best seller, classic ORIGINAL BARBIE HOOPS EARRING, MATTHEW NECKLACE, & ERIKA 4 MM BRACELETS.
  • THIS WEEK WE ARE OBSESSED WITH el local Miami Chisme of RHOM Lisa H and the craziness of her ex MIL, and some people really should not be on social media! No podemos!!
  • WE TRY IT WEDNESDAY SERIES was flirty, easy to wear viral dress that is a must for this crazy heat!
  • This weeks AMAZON FAVS were refresh & organizing, sports dress, home decor tress, label maker and organizing pouches.
  • This week Lina is FINALLY BACK so we have are hands full with catching up orders, unpacking and planning.

As always we are eternally grateful for your love and support and dont get tired of repeating THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! It is you who makes PGC and drives this little dream everyday!

with love

Lina & Sarah


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