International Woman’s Day

Amigas! Happy International Woman’s day!

Today we celebrate ourselves and the inspirational women around us. We are so fortunate to be surrounded by strong, independent women who make a difference in our lives every day! 

Empowered woman empower woman and we’d love to share some of the woman that inspire us with their dedication to their craft!






Some of the inspiring women we look up to everyday include Jasmine Star, Serena Williams, and our beautiful mothers that have made us into the women we are today! 

When we started this passion project during the pandemic the biggest  driving force was always creating connection and community with other women and moms in a time where we felt so isolated. 

I vividly remember the day we decided to start PGC I came over Sarah's mom house to have a pool play date with the girls and I sat at Sarahs moms dinning table and pool out my little caboodle with jewelry knick knacks. I started making a Kiddo Love Necklace to send a friend that was having hard time and wanted to send her some love. At that moment, Sarahs mom said why don't you girls start selling jewelry together. Spread some beauty and love through gold "regalitos". Immediately Sarah and I looked at each other and it was magic. We knew this was a calling and an adventure we needed to start. 

Our friendship had blossomed through our journey through motherhood together we had supported each other through life downs and had celebrated each other through our highs. So when we decided to start this fun project the first thing that came to our minds was we want to share more than just jewelry we want to share a community of mothers and women supporting and loving on each other. Since then this idea has been the driving force of PGC and everything that we do. 

We truly and wholeheartedly believe that behind every successful woman is other women backing them and we are so grateful for the community of women we have supporting, loving and empowering us!

Don’t forget to remind yourself today and every day why you’re proud of yourself, and treat yourself to some PGC Pretties, because YOU deserve it !!!


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