Gifts Teachers will LOVE

It's back to school time and one of the most important back to school purchases is TEACHER GIFTS!!! Our teachers deserve the world they are the keepers of our children second home and will impact them forever. We think its super important to show them our appreciation and love, plus it will only help in them loving your kiddo a little extra and warm their heart when we have a million and one questions. Here are 10 gifts that your teacher will LOVE!!! 💕 

1. Taja Candle: Personalized ✅ yummy smell ✅ and one can never have too many candles ✅ this non toxic 100% premium soy wax hand poured by an all female team here in Miami florida. The cuties are a perfect addition to your teacher gift basket. You can add a cute teacher quote or teachers name. It's also a perfect little gift for all the secondary subject teachers. 

2. Amazon Gift Card because well Amazon prime is a teacher love language and we are fluent in prime love. 

3. A personalized gold bead bracelet is a cutie and meaningful gift that would last your new teacher forever plus who doesn't love a little bling gift. 

4. A hot/cold tumbler perfect for a teacher to sip on her iced coffee or after school wine. 

5. Your teacher will love this personalized pen holder its a cute addition to a teacher goodie bag to start off the year.

6. This cheeseboard is perfect for your teachers wine & cheese nights that shell definitely need to survive her school year. 

7. Books and teachers are like Mac and cheese so gift your fav teacher these unique personalized book markers

8. Starbies gift cards because teachers run on coffee!!!

9. Pearl & Gold are always a good gift idea. Your teacher will love you for sure if you gift her this stunning personalized half pearl half gold chain bracelet

10. Last but certainly not least everyones favorite TARGET GIFT CARD!! From skin care to pens and everything in between your teacher will always love a Target Gift card to purchase all the things. 

With these gifts your teacher will feel love and appreciated for a start of an amazing year!! If you are a PRIME only type of momma here is a round up of top gifts for teacher from AMAZON


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