Best Backpacks, Lunch Boxes and Pencil Cases for Back To School

It's that time again!!!! BACK to SCHOOL!!! Amiga time for new Backpacks, lunch boxes and pencil cases. Here is a round up of the top 12 that your littles will love!!!

1. State Back Packs are a must for this back to school year. We love this navy water proof for boys, or this Metallic Pink or Gold for girls. State offers so many different sizes, print and colors. Plus they offer option for personalization.

2. State bags need a matching lunch bag. They all have matching Lunch boxes, Navy water proof, Metallic Pink and Gold. State offers so many different sizes, print and colors. Plus they offer option for personalization.

3. SHOP RFT water proof backpacks are a MUST!! they have a perfect size for littles and they come in 3 amazing prints. Sailboats, Outer Space and Flower Power for girls. 

4. From amazon this super cute sequin flippy backpack is perfect for your sparkle loving cutie.

5. For your super hero loving little this Marvel backpack is perfect.

6. For the love of all things stoney clover and your personalized obsessed littles mini backpack, or regular size backpack. From letters to Disney patches you can personalize your heart out! We are obsessed with all the Disney princess patches.

7. Must not forget the brand new lunch totes to match. Obsessed with the tie dye option. 

8. We can't forget the pencil cases to match, for bigger kids the pencil case insert for 3 ring binders, or for more size options pouches

9. For a classic must have and for all the match match hearts you will need to go with the true tried and classic Pottery Barn Backpacks. so so many sizes and prints to pick from plus the Option of stitching and personalizing each item is top. Plus you'll love that you can accessorize with all the matching items: Water thermos, food containers, lunch box, pencil cases, binders and even after school activity bags

10. For a school lunch bundle we love this amazon option it brings a lunch box bento box, cake cups, fruit, utensils and meal prep containers.  

11. If you are looking for a "Stoney" lookalike amazon has great options for pouches and pencil cases. 

12. For bigger kiddos this book bag with a portable phone charger is a must have!! comes in different prints and fits a 15 in laptop. 

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