Aphrodite, Queen Elizabeth,  Athena, Beyonce, Gaga, and YOU amiga. 

This Collection is a reminder amiga you are a GODDESS!! A goddess, filled with magic, a badass and you totally have this!!! All the pieces in this collection are made to make you feel like the gorgeous goddess that you are! All gold and sparkle wearing your pretties to go into the world and spread your magic and kick ass! It's a celebration of beautiful, grace, badassery and self love.

After a hot mom summer filled with colors and fun. For fall here at PGC we are loving heavy chunky gold, whites, emerald green, hints of pink, lots of charm, pearl core and floral obsessed.

Just for today Friday October 7th enjoy 15% OFF the entire collection. Use code: goddess15

*promo 15% off until 11:59 pm EST Friday October 7th