Amiga for us watch and chill is the best plan we can get invited to 😂 binge a 14 episode series in a night YES!!! Bravo housewife all the cities HELL YESSSS!!! Murder Mystery Docs OMG YES!!!! HBO dramas 😷 😷 succession THAT IS A DEFINITELY YES!!!!

and you know that when we say its a must watch amiga we never disappoint so here is a recap of what we watch this week. The Good, the bad, the ugly and the do not waste your time!

Sarah This Week:

1 Golden A-


Lina This Week:

1 Thursday’s Widows A
2 Elemental A+
3 RHOSL Season 4 Ep 1& 2 A
4 Southern Charm Season 9 Ep 1 B
5 Love at First Sight



Have you watched anything amazing let us know in the comments!

Love you Big 

Lina & Sarah

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