What to Watch Chisme 5/12/2024

It's your day mom and you gave it your all celebrating with your little and other mommas in your life and now it's time to enjoy Mother's Day after hours. Put on your comfy pjs, put on your red light mask, serve yourself an iced cold miraval and unwind, time to watch some good tv as you get ready for the week and go through pictures of your littles.

Amiga here is the chisme of what to watch this week, we watched it all so you don't have to. The Good, the bad, the ugly and the do not waste your time!


1 The Idea of You A+
2 Mother of The Bride B
3 Unfrosted B+
4 A Man in Full (full season) A
5 Vanderpump Villa Episode 5-8 B-
6 Selling The OC (full season- OMG the mess) C+


Have you watched anything amazing let us know so we can watch!

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Love you big,


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