What to Watch Chisme 4/14/2024

It's that time again Sunday scares are sinking in but don't stress amiga, the kiddos are sleeping after 46476 stories and now it's time to have some time to watch something other than Bluey. Put on your cozy pjs, grab some buttery popcorn and a refreshing lemon lime poppi it's time to enjoy something on TV.

Amiga here is the chisme of what to watch this week, we watched it all so you don't have to. The Good, the bad, the ugly and the do not waste your time!

1 Loot Season 2 Ep 1 & 2 A
2 Sugar Episode 3 A
3 Love is Blind Season 3 C
4 Unlocked A Jail Experiment A+
5 Vanderpump Villa Ep 1-4 B
6 Summer House Season 8 Ep 1-8 B+

Have you watched anything amazing let us know so we can watch!

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