We Try It Wednesdays September 28th

Amiga you know we try it so you don't have to and well let you know if you NEED!! The next one is definitely a NEED for your next trip. We are 57 days away from Thanksgiving and you know 57 days and two blinks are the same. 

I try my best to be a light packer and only do carry ons butttttt amiga its impossible. So I always end up having to check in. If you are like me this is just for you. Saw this hack on TikTok and used it during my trip to Houston and Barranquilla. AirTag in your checked bag!!!

YESSSSSS you read that right, AIRTAG IN YOUR CARRY ON it is amazing you see as the tag moves from where you check in to moving through the airport. It's amazing and if the bag gets lost or left behind you have a way to show the airline. MINDBLOWN!!!

Amiga are you a carry on packer or are you a check in girl?

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