We Try It Wednesdays October 19, 2022 - AMAZON Viral Fall Blanket

Amiga tiktok made us do it!!! THE IT BLANKET OF FALL!!! It was everywhere so naturally we had to try it! and the reviews are in....

Let us start by saying that we are blankie snobs all thanks to our friends at love and lullabies. We are all about pinky softness, personalized blanks that feel like clouds. So we must say the price was very accommodating and accessible. Love Love love the color checkers it is definitely a fall vibe! Now when it comes to coziness we give it a 5/10 perooooo amiga again we are blankie snobs in this house. We had an impartial judge test coziness and they gave the blanket a 9/10. So with that we must say for the price it is a FABULOUS buy! 

It sets a very falls vibe, its cool, it's trendy, its priced where if its not used next fall no one will die and its cozy!! Definitely YOU NEED!!! Plus you can't be the only person on tiktok and now its starting to trend on insta with out this blankie!!

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