We Try It Wednesday- De La Heart Jojoba Oil

If you struggle with your skin getting patchy dry spots and you want to keep your face and body skin glowing all fall and winter De la Heart Organic Jojoba Oil is a must buy!!!

Since early 2022 my eyes lids started getting rough itchy patches, after months of trial and error, dermatologist visits and a million creams I realized that given all the stress my body was going through with filing for divorce & dealing with recovery after a coercive controlling relationship that had left my nervous system disregulated I just had to manage the stress and alleviate of my eyes with different creams, lotions that didn't really make it go away but kept the issue somewhat controlled. 

Fast forward to May of this year at a Sip and Shop at Taja Candles, started chatting with Gigi founder of De la Heart about wanting to get into Guasha and she was so kind explaining the technique and the oil she best recommended for this ritual. While we chatted she explains how sometimes she dabbed this oil around her eyes. I purchased the oil and Guasha tools, that night I went home started to Guasha and started applying the de la heart Jojoba Oil around my eyes. (listen if Gigi is doing it and she looks so fabulous you know I'm going to try it). And let me tell you amiga, thank goodness I did. After 2 months not only has the Guasha helped with depuffing my face but the skin around my eyes was completely healed zero roughness or itching. It was an unexpected miracle and I was so so happy for this!!

Now you're probably thinking but amiga you can purchase jojoba oil anywhere, well let me share what happened to me last month. On early September I traveled to Kansas for my moms first chemo treatment and in the craziness of packing I forgot to take my de la heart oil. Needless to say with all the stress of my moms health, the day after my mom had to get a blood transfusion I woke up with my eyes on fire. So I figured jojoba oil is jojoba oil is jojoba oil. So I went on amazon and ordered a bottle of their best selling organic jojoba oil. Started applying the oil while I was in Kansas and let me tell you it was not the same, although it did calm my eyes a bit it did not have the same restoring effect the de La Heart oil had. 15 days later I was back in Miami and immediately started applying the de La heart Oil and what a difference it has made. My eyes are starting to feel much better and I can see and feel the improvement of my skin.

Needless to say De La Heart Jojoba oil is a 15/10 and a must add to your beauty routine. Now I use it on my face with guasha, my eyes, my cuticles, my body after shower. 

De la Heart Organic Jojoba Oil

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