We Try It Wednesday- Crop Your Sweater Flat Belt

It's sweater weather time, yea amiga sweater weather is here and we have cropping sweater hack that's amazing and will leaving wondering how you've been living your life before this hack.

 The secret to this hack is this stretchy flat belt from Amazon. Up until last week we would crop our sweater with the true and tried tuck under bra it has work buttttttt it was not the most comfortable and sometimes if the sweater was to long it was too bulky or if the sweater wasn't long enough it would be too short after getting tucked under bra. Wellllllllll this stretchy Flat belt is the answer to your cropping sweater questions and it's life changing. You will never crop your sweater under your bra again. 

The belt comes two different sizes 0-16 or 16+, and it also comes in different color variety packs. We bought the pack that includes the black, white, navy blue, and brown. 

it's super easy to wear adjust the belt to fit were you want to wear it. what we love the most about this little belt vs the bra tuck is you can play with the height on your torso of where your want your sweater to crop at. Because you can wear it around your waist for a longer tuck or right under your bra for a higher tuck. You can really play with the length which is amazing.

 17/10 must have purchase for sweater season and beyond!!! 


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