We Try It Wednesday - All The Light We Cannot See

Sometimes you need a solid, heart tugging drama show to watch amiga and "All The Lights We Cannot See" on Netflix is AMAZING!!!! It's a short 4 episode series based on Pulitzer Prize-winning Anthony Doerr novel, set on Nazi-occupied France, on the verge of American liberation in August 1944. It is a heart tugging tale about Marie, a bling young woman who is sending code messages through illegal broadcast radio from to US military on the final days of liberation, a kind hearted German Solider who was forced into Nazi service and is tasked to track down Marie.

It really was a great show to watch if you're looking to watch a good period piece that will make you cry but will also make you feel so so inspired in the goodness of human nature and perseverance.

We definitely recommend to watch!

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