We Try It Wednesday 9/13/2023 - Ole Henriksen Peptide Boost Moisturizer

If you listen to *NSYN in a CD player and watched them sign LIVE on tv for the 2001 Super Bowl Half Time show alongside Aerosmith, Britney Spears, Nelly and Mary J Blige this We Try It Wednesday is for YOU amiga!!!!

We started using Ole Henriksen Peptide Boost Moisturizer and we are OBSESSED!!!! Its light and silky when you apply it, it feels smooth and it does not leave your face oily and it immediately gives you face a glowing boost. As we've struggled with eczema and rosacea our sensitive skins has really loved all the ingredients that are packed into its formula. 

We have learned that Ole Henriksen Peptide Boost Moisturizer has been formulated to help strength the skin barrier which is a must for sensitive skins. The moisturizer has a creamy texture but once applied it turns into an almost gel like texture which feels oh so yummy. 

After 2 weeks we can say we can see and feel our skin soft and has really help sooth dry patches we had along our face. For our make up girlies don't fear the dewyness of the this cream, we have seen no pilling or breaking which is a plus. 

RUUUNNNN AS FAST AS YOU WILL RUN WHEN THE NSYN TICKETS COME OUT AND GO GRAB THIS MOISTURIZER!!!! (yes in all caps because we are yelling this from everywhere because its so so good.)

With love,


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