We Try It Wednesday 7/19/2023 - CAT EYE BARBIE SUNGLASSES

It's Barbie week!!!!!! EVERYTHING BARBIE VIBES including our sunglasses. This summer heat calls for endless days by the pool and weekends of "sol arena y mar", we found the perfect sunnies to throw in your beach bag wear all summer long and they are giving ORIGINAL BARBIE vibes!

The best part amiga is that the price which makes these sunnies the perfect pair to just throw in your beach bag and like my mom says "todo terreno". For your little to play with them, to get covered with salt water, sand, sunblock or if they fly off the boat no worries! THEY ARE $13 and they do not look the price!!!! 

I've been wearing them everywhere and constantly getting DMs asking, at church, restaurants and at pick up!!! 


Also shop other amazing amazon sunnies that are amazing, stylish throw in your beach bag, SHOP HERE.

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