We Try It Wednesday 6/28/2023 - Meaningful House Warming Gift

This weekend we were invited to a house warming, to celebrated a very special couples new home purchase! My mami always says don't show up "con las manos vasias" always make sure to bring un detallito. The celbration was informal and just filled with lots of love, so we wanted the gift to be meaning fula and filled with lots of love. We decided to make a 1st home ornament!

It was super easy and such a meaningful little detallito for the couple. All we needed was a cricut or silhouette cameo machine, acrylic ornament, ribbon (we used a pretty glittery pink amazon has lots of options), vinyl (we used white because we know our amiga is very into whites and pinks) and weeding tools, plus digital design of lettering (you can download here amiga)

First download and set your design on your cutter software, we decided to add "est 2023" to the design to add a personalized touch. Once your design is finalized and ready send to cut. Weed out your design, with transfer tape transfer over design to acrylic ( psst acrylic has a plastic protective layer don't forget to peel it off before you stick on design). make sure to center stick on to acrylic and use tool to scrap and stick before you peel off transfer tape. thread ribbon through ornament hole and knot. for an extra little detail make a mini bow or purchase mini bows here (we made our own it's easier to match ribbons) , glue on with glue gun. Voila perfect meaningful, personalized housewarming!!! I can guarantee amiga you will be best gift 😉.

Amiga don't stress don't own a cutting machine here are some already made ornament option on etsy or if you want to do semi DIY here are some vinyl stickers and you can make the rest!

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