We Try It Wednesday 3/29/2023 - DIOR lip oil Dupe

Amiga it's been a long time since we shared some WE TRY IT WEDNESDAY!!! and we are coming in HOT HOT HOT!!!!!!! 

We are OBSESSED with this lip oil!!! We got the tip from Bethenny Frankel if you haven't seen her honest beauty reviews OMG run she is amazing and this Cover Girl Lip Oil is PICASSO. 

We have been a Dior Lip Oil girlie for sometime now and we must say that this Cover Girl Lip oil is a superb due, the text and color is perfection. Same exact texture as the Dior Lip Oil and I would dare to say the applicator is wand I love more. Obvi the packaging on the Dior is much more chic and fancy, whereas the Cover Girl Yummy is fun and trendy. Yummy also has a yummy smell that brings us back to our nostalgia lipstick era. 

All in all amiga this is definitely a MUST HAVE and a mind blowing dupe for a quarter of the price!!! Run because its a good one!

cover girl yummy lip oil Dior Lip oil

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