Tuesday Trials - Color Wow Dream Filter

Amiga I try it, and you get the scoop!! From viral skin care to the next best show and everything in-between amiga I will take one for the team try it out and give you all the chisme the good, the bad and the ugly.

 Is your hair looking brassy and dull, are you a dry shampoo lover like me! amiga I have tried the Color Wow Dream Filter, let me just say it is mind blowing and you need it!!!! 

Color WOW Dream Filter is a Pre-Shampoo mineral remover. It filters out minerals, typically found in hard water, that could destroy the intensity and beauty of your hair color. 

I am a dry shampoo lover and a beauty salon quasi blondie that lives in Miami and enjoys a pool day very often and this product is chefs kiss.  I have been using Color Wow Dream Filter and it really leaves you hair brighter and lighter an amazing refresh to your hair between salon visits. Plus it leaves my hair feeling and looking softer.

100% yes absolutely yes go buy Color Dream Filter your hair will thank you!!! A must have for upcoming pool season for sure!

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