Trial Tuesday - Adulting Must Have Ryobi Pressure Cleaner

Amiga I try it, and you get the scoop!! From viral skin care to the next best show and everything in-between amiga I will take one for the team try it out and give you all the chisme the good, the bad and the ugly.

Adulting hack in coming...... RYOBI PRESSURE CLEANER!! yes amiga not glamorous, not "fun", something that no one wants to chimera about, dale here is the chisme!!!!

Ryobi pressure cleaner is LIFE CHANGING and a must buy!!! As I settle into my new home there was an area in my house that has pavers that you could tell the previous owner had totally forgot to upkeep the cleaning and it was driving me insane. In my crazy quest to spark joy into my life and do something that scares me everyday, I decided to pressure clean this area on my own and amiga I DID IT and now I am so happy I decided to undertake this DIY project.

I purchased a Ryobi 3300 psi gas pressure washer and a surge cleaner extension (thank you Home Depot associate). Picture this millennial mom head to toe in pink flirty dress, nails freshly manicured, full of gold pretties strolling into Home Depot patio section trying to load a huge machine into her cart. A confused and very kind sales associate offers to help me and very kindly asked what I wanted to accomplish. After sharing my plans his face was one of "don't do this" and quickly offered to share an excellent cleaning service as abetter option. Determined I said "thank you but no thank you, I am doing this." after explaining my quest for joy in 2024 and doing something that would scare me every day, skeptical he proceeded to recommend the surface cleaner, give me some tips about how to turn on and off and to tell me "if you need any more help always come back to ask us".  

Well amiga lets just say Thank God for that kind associate and a little YouTube help I started with a little fear but lots of excitement and very quickly I was able to get a hang of this monster machine and start cleaning. About 30 min after finding my groove and enjoying the satisfaction of seeing all the grime being pressured off. BAMB SPLASHHHHHH what sounded like an explosion went off and water going every where. 

AAAAAHHHHH I burned the hose. After a mini heart attack I unscrewed the hose and headed of to see my friend at Home Depot after all he did sy to come over if I needed any extra help. Welp turns out the machine has an engines and engines get hot 🥵 yeahhhhhh this millennial mom had no idea that this was a thing. So the explosion was user error but a super easy fix with a brand new hose. 

It was a fun and adventurous project but I am happy to report it was extremely successful and I can say with 100% confidence you need a Ryobi 3300 psi gas pressure washer and a surge cleaner extension. It is super easy to use, it is so satisfying to work and watch. Overall I can not wait to inventar another project to sue this machine. 

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