Summer of Pretty

Audrey Hepburn said "Happy Girls are the Prettiest" here at PGC we truly believe that, so much that its is the inspiration behind our name. When ever people ask about our name they're surprise to realize that the story behind it has nothing to do with jewelry charms and all to do with a women's charm & feeling pretty in your skin. "Pretty Girl Charm" is exactly that the charm a woman brings that makes her pretty inside and out. We believe your charm and happiness is the essence of your beauty & prettiness. 

When we decided to start this little adventure during a weird unsettling time smack in the middle of the pandemic, our mission behind our pretties was to share self love & pretty charm with our amigas. Creating beautiful pieces to be worn to make you feel beautiful, confident, chic and always ready to spread YOUR OWN Pretty Girl Charm around. 

So this summer when we saw "Summer I turned Pretty" on Prime Video, it spoke to our hearts. A teenage coming of age & discovering boy and being pretty, laced together with bittersweet stories of mom best friends supporting each other through all the stages in life. It's light heart, cute and pulls at your heart strings. 

The series combined with our own growing up experiences and now stage as moms of young girls, really left us thinking of why we create beautiful jewelry.

Growing up as a girl in the 2000s was hard body image pressure, the so call "heroin chic" body type, low low rise jeans and crazy diet and diet pills culture. I think it's something that stays with us forever and even though we have healed, embraced and championed a healthier body positive culture. Now as young moms we try day in and day out how not to pass down all theses pressures to your littles and amiga I know in my heart even though we feel we are constantly failing we are doing a kick ass job!!! 

With our hearts full of all the emotions and pretty vibes we got inspired to create our newest collection, SUMMER OF PRETTY. Every single piece is a little piece of femininity and all things shiny, girly and pretty. Our hope is once you put on one of these pieces it will immediately make you feel pretty & confident, so you can take on the world with your OWN "Pretty Girl Charm" and spread all the love and kindness in your heart as you go through your day in pick up line, working, doing target runs, pool dates with littles, date night with hubby and everything in between. 


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