Soaking in last days of Summer

Amiga the kids are back in school, everyone is starting to settle back into their routines!! Congratulations we have officially survived BACK TO SCHOOL! Here at PGC we are soooo excited for Fall and Spooky season BUT with temps in the 90s we are enjoying the calm that comes with the last few weeks of Summer.

During this time temperatures are high, sun still shines until 7-8 pm but overall the pace is slower than all the activity filled days and traveling from the summer. And its the final slow season before we all get thrown into Holiday season which starts with Halloween festivities. (I Know panic attack cued because how are we a month of away from the start of 2022 Holiday Season. We are still processing March 2020 lol)

But here we are and we are indulging in every single minute of slow time at home, football, and beautiful summer evenings. We have to share our current fav late summer snack and drink. They are super easy and delicious and a perfect duo to enjoy while enjoying a family evening in the pool, a Saturday UM game or at home date night watching House of Dragons on a Sunday after the kiddos are off to bed. 

 Grandma's Mexican Dip (made famous by Sarahs abuelita)

In a bowl mix in your sour cream and cream cheese together (Word of wise go for the full fat of both sour cream and cream cheese because we are living our best lives). Once completely mixed spread your sour/cheese mixture into a shallow rectangle baker (we love this option with a Rattan Tray from Pottery Barn or this beautiful white ceramic from William Sonoma.) 

Drain your medium Tostito salsa and layer the veggies over the sour cream/cream cheese mixture.

Now Pico de Gallo time, cube your red onion and tomato. (also if you are feeling lazy Publix sells the tomato and red onion already cubed. Mix onions and tomato together and season with salt and pepper to taste. Fine chop a handful of cilantro and start juicing your limes. pour in the lime juice sprinkle in some hot sauce and mix in the chopped cilantro. (recommend to prep the pico if you can a couple of hours prior to assembling the dip. This way all the lime juice gets to really flavor the veggies)

Scoop and layer your pico de Gallo over your Tostito veggies, make sure to minimize adding too much juice from the pico so that its doesn't turn your dip into a white foamy pool. 

Over the pico GENEROUSLY layer your Mexican cheese. Serve with your fav tortilla Chips. 

Grapefruit Spritz 

In a deep stemless wine glass pour equal parts grapefruit liquor and champagne to taste (we have a heavy pour no need to measure), stir in, add ice and finish with a splash of soda water. Garnish with a mint leave and if you have a fresh grapefruit at home a slice of fresh grapefruit to make it extra fancy.)

Enjoy with your besties, with your hubby or for football watch party amiga! Easy to make and delicious to eat/drink as you indulge in the last few days of summer and the peace before we gear up for Holiday Season 2022 (AKA moms super bowl season). 

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