Self Care Wednesdays

Amigas! Wednesdays are for self care, today we checked out a hidden South Miami gem - Salon Laque House! No better place to go when you feel like getting pampered.

If you are in Miami amiga we HIGHLY recommend this gem in South Miami.

The moment you walk in the place is a vibe everything is so pretty, gold, and pink.The nail bar is a beautiful marble long community bar top table which is perfect when you go with amigas for some girl time because you can sit next to each other and chimera while doing your nails.

Everything is pristine and clean which in our books is one of the most important things we look out when finding a good nail place. (because no one needs a dirty nail place and get a weird fungus or something 🤣🤣🤣 definitely not the vibe.

From the moment we walked into the salon we were greeted and attended with care and patience. I had no idea what I wanted to do with my nails, and the girl in the front desk showed me her super cool mani and talked me through different options. I did not have to what long to move into my spot and start. Which I love because sometimes salons run on MIAMI TIME and make you wait so long which is super annoying. I must say the reason for the salons timeliness is their strict appointment schedule, which can be a little difficult if you like winging your nail appointments. Unless you pre schedule your visit in advance you will not be able to get a last minute appointment.

The nail technician who assisted me was super nice and welcoming. I explained my bling idea and she immediately pulled out options and gave me her expert opinion which I love because sometimes I get over whelmed with too many options so it was perfect! I also loved that even though I was getting Gel X she understood I did not want long nails and filled my nails the length that I wanted and felt comfortable with. Many times when I've gotten a Gel X mani the technician leaves my nails mega long and after 5 days they become unbearable. 

Overall my experience was amazing, relaxing and I am OBSESSED with my nails!!!!!!! It was on the pricier end but absolutely worth it!!! 

Once I finished my mani I stacked all the ring pretties and match all the sparkle vibe with our Jasmine Earrings. Nothing brings statement to a manicure like the perfect stacked rings, and we have the cutest rings to match your manis and take them to the next level! 

 We stepped out of our comfort zone, andwent with a blinged out French mani with Gel X nails. We are SUPER OBSESSED!!!

What's your go to mani fav??



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