Amiga PRIME DAY is coming July 11th and 12th and we have a HUGE wishlist of things we are keeping our eyes on!!!!!

top 10 include:

Samsonite Luggage - it's time Nena gets her own set because I can not continue to pack her things with mine she requires more space than me 😂 Im looking at these white for her 

THIS IS THE YEAR!!! The ice machine needs to happen!!!!! 

All things Barbie because Nena and Erika are obsessed and so are we!!!

Because this summer heat is making us go crazy I think its a MUST to get this snow cone machine 

Bought these smart plugs for my christmas light but now I have them on almost all my plugs torque soy floja 😂 😂 

Fancy Ice because they are a VIBEEEE for girls night in!

TikTok is making this a MUST personal on the go blender for frozen drinks is an absolute YES FOR US!!!!

After watching hours upon hours of kitchen organizing and restocks we are going all in!!! with all the plastic containers and kitchen organizing must haves 

Stocking stuffers for kiddos that are also great to have as a floating gift for when you forget to grab a gift for that birthday party you little got invited to!! kids love it and its such an amazing deal!!!

LAST BUT NOT LEAST.... don't tell Sarah but I think PGC's new home needs a tv! there I said it!!!! 😂 

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