PGC goes to Disney

Let’s talk about our big return to Disney! Being from Miami and having Disney World a short drive away, Disney is a part of life for both of us. Lina and I decided last minute to pack up the girls and take them to Disney for one night.  Before the pandemic began, both had only been once and were far to young to appreciate their time there. With the parks only being at 25% capacity we weighed our options and decided that now would be the best time to go. We packed up the car with enough sanitizer for 2 weeks and off we went. Walking into Magic Kingdom on this (what we thought) random Tuesday, our true personalities came out. I am typically a little more laid back and take things in stride while Lina is a little more anxious and makes her feelings very well known. It’s safe to say we were met with more people than we had originally anticipated. Some of the southern states had fall break going on the week we decided to go, so I think that played a role in the amount of people in the parks. After about an hour inside MK, Lina made it very clear that she was starting to get anxious. The lines were long, and people were everywhere. Both girls being to young to wear a mask definitely played into her anxiety. I on the other hand, did not feel anxious or overcrowded. Would I have preferred less people? Yes. But, compared to what Disney crowds have looked like in recent years, I felt very comfortable and was surprised at the precautions Disney is taking to secure our safety. We ended up going back to the hotel for the girls to nap, had a very needed drink, and went back when the girls woke up. The late afternoon was better than the morning and I could feel Lina’s anxieties starting to fade. Part of what makes our partnership and friendship work so well is our polarizing personalities. We balance each other out in very necessary ways. Where she pushed me to not be so passive on certain aspects, I push her to not stress the small things and not let her anxiety about a new product or design get in her way. Sometimes I succeed and sometimes I don’t, but that is ok. Sometimes she really had to push me as well (like to write this blog post), but that is ok. It’s important to find a business partner and friend that pushes you out of your comfort zone. Our differing reaction to Disney in COVID times was just that. I pushed Lina out of her comfort zone.  And while I have already planned a trip back in November, Lina will not be joining me and that is more than ok.  

With ❤️ Sarah 

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