October RECAP!!!


OCTOBER WAS 2 seconds and it already mid November as we sit down to type our recap!!!

How are we here? and why is time flying we need desperate answers. lol

We obsessed over many things during October but here are our top 3 since its almost the end of November 🤣🤣 we'll keep it short!

1. Chunky Loafers - THEY ARE A VIBE!!!!! Yes amiga we are obsessed with chunky loafers they are all over TikTok and they are taking over Pinterest board aesthetics. They are comfy and trendy and a staple for Fall outfits. Here are just a few of our favs. We got them all from Amazon.

-  Basic Chunky

- Pink Chunky Loafer

- Slide on Chunky


2. ALL THINGS TV!!! - October we watched amazing shows here is a list of the must see must see. 

-Maids on Netflix - heartbreaking and beautiful. The story of a mama facing domestic abuse, parental abuse and gets lost in the system and life. Get your tissues because you will be crying. Definitely leaves you thinking about life and how grateful we must be.

-Ted Lasso on AppleTV - Feel good and really leaves you involve with the main character and his amazing positive energy. The first two episodes or a little slow but we promise it is a HIT!

-Locke & Key on Netflix - I did not think I would like this show BUT HOLLY MOLLY it is insanely good! Magic, mystery and all the drama! 

All binge worthy and insanely good! 

3. Last but not least if you are in Miami you HAVE to go to Barbakoa!! New restaurant in Doral Yard from the same owner of Amelia's and Finka. The food was oh so so yummy, the drinks were delicious, service was on point and the location is so much fun. In the heart of Doral yard Barbakoa is a fun restaurant to go with amigas for lunch or a fun date happy hour. We ordered almost everything on the menu but our favs were:

Islas Croquetas - these need no explanation 

Waygu Beef Tataki - THE BEST DISH we ordered its light and fresh

Mac & Cheese topped with Shortrib and bacon - First off anything with bacon is top of the list! The Mac was yummy cheesy gooey and the short rib was perfect topping. 

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