Amiga last week was PRIME DAY SALE and we had too many BEST SELLERS, so this week we have top 8 best sellers from last week and they are all a must have!!!!!

1. HOME must have best seller, Olive Tree a super vibe for your home check out Jen's Gatherings Nest she is always styling hers so beautiful 

2. Keeping Organized must have label maker because between a million kiddos and keeping everything organized and mommy brain this label maker is definitely a must have for your home

3. Sometimes it's pick up your hair in a pony or bun type of day because LIFE!!! This hair stick wax is a must amiga and it literally saves lives and bad hair days.

4. We are living in Barbies world and PINK is queen amiga, this fun summer pink dress was a HUGE best seller and a must in your Barbie Closet. 

5. Easy, heat summer approved basic that is a must!!! Easy for a summer lunch beach front during vacay or for a stroll to the park with the kids.  

6. THE HEAT is unbelievable but a little icy snack is a must and this snow cone machine is a MUST BUY amiga plus it will be a fun activity with the kids. 

7. After hours of watching kitchen asmr video we are organizing our fridge and it really makes you feel so so put together (😂 is that weird is it just me?) This stackable drawers for your fridge were a HUGE BEST SELLER and we love them!

8. Last but not least LWD (little white dress) because you can not survive summer with out a LWD and this one is heat approved and its so cute and flirty!

For more amazon finds amiga go shop our store front! Plus last weeks must haves are here!!!

Love you Big,

Lina & Sarah


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