Mom Chisme Resources and Support for Autism Parents with Alana and Christy

Welcome to another heartwarming and informative episode of Mom Chisme! Today, we’re thrilled to chat with two incredible guests who are making a huge impact in the world of autism support and educational services.

Meet Alana, the founder of Maven in Behavior, a center-based practice dedicated to working with children and adolescents diagnosed with Autism, as well as individuals exhibiting maladaptive behaviors and social deficits. Alongside her is Christy, who not only works with Alana at Maven in Behavior but is also the founder of OJM Educational Services. Christy's mission is to provide education, support, and guidance to families navigating IEPs, school transitions, and so much more.

In this episode, we dive deep into the plethora of resources available for autism parents. Alana and Christy share their expertise on a range of topics, including school consultations, IEPs, picky eating, potty training, and their innovative Launchpad program. The Launchpad is a unique 3:1:1 program designed to prepare young learners entering kindergarten by targeting specific school readiness skills essential for the upcoming school year.

Join us as we explore the invaluable services offered by these amazing professionals and learn how their work is transforming lives and empowering families. Whether you're seeking guidance on autism resources or need support with educational services, this episode is packed with insights and practical advice that you won’t want to miss.

Tune in and get ready to be inspired, informed, and uplifted by the wonderful work of Alana and Christy. ¡Vamos a chismear y aprender juntas! 


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