Mom Chisme- Mother's Day Real Talk

Mother's Day Real Talk!

Let's talk about a hot topic that's been on our minds: THE PRESSURES of Mother's Day and how to celebrate it? We chat about shaking off the pressure and redefine what Mother's Day means to us. Normalizing disappearing for Mother's Day with your kids and prioritizing your celebrating as a mom over those of maybe....... the grandmothers 😬😬 Let's stop putting so much pressure on a single day. Mother's Day is about celebrating the beautiful, messy journey of motherhood—not about pressures and people pleasing.

So here's to letting go of expectations and embracing the beauty of imperfection. Here's to recognizing that motherhood isn't about perfection—it's about love, resilience, and growth. And most importantly, here's to celebrating YOU, fabulous mama and what sparks joy in your heart!

Listen to full episode here.

Love you Big


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