Last Week at PGC 4/22/2024

Last week was roller coster of emotions and Taylor had a chock hold on us hahaha so much she inspired our newest collection and letters were queen of the castle in PGC land. 

Last weeks best sellers

Letters we at the top and the most purchase combination was Presley Initial Charm with Isabella Chain Necklace, Coco Initial Charm with Isabella Chain Necklace and Coco Initial Charm with Harper Chain Necklace. Eve Cross Pave Ring joined in as must have best seller, Poet Flower Earrings and Quill Chunky Hoop were top buys and loved. 


Miss Taylor Alison Swift and her newest art "The Tortured Poets Department" and all the 31 song epicness, so much so it inspired our newest collection. Plus also hair obsessed with K18 Airwash it is chef's kiss. 


Today, we're diving into the world of dry shampoo with a review of the K18 Airwash Dry Shampoo. Let's see if this product lives up to the hype!

As a dry shampoo addict and connoisseur I had to try this viral and sold out product! K18 products are amazing so I had high expectations and was so so curious because its a damp spray dry shampoo not an aerosol!


Top amazon best sellers that you loved last week. Floerns Women's Floral Print Tie Strap Square Neck Ruffle Boho Maxi DressFOLEX Instant Carpet Spot Remover, 32ozPRETTYGARDEN Women's 2 Piece Summer Outfits Crewneck Tank Tops Split Bodycon Midi Skirt SetEFAN Womens Tube Tops Summer Sweater Twist Knot Front Knit Bandeau Strapless Ribbed Sleeveless Y2K Corset Crop Top


Last week Magical Miercoles about shopping for mom, we had 15% Off mom favs. The best sellers were Kiddo Love Necklace and Presley Initial Charm on Isabella Chain Necklace.


Bienvenidas a "Mom Chisme"! 🎙️✨ In this episode, join sisters Pia and Lina as they spill the tea on who they are and play a game of "Most Likely." Get ready for laughter, candid conversations, and a glimpse into the dynamic duo behind the mic. From sharing childhood memories to revealing their most embarrassing moments, no topic is off-limits in this lively sisterly chat. Tune in and get to know the faces behind the voices of "Mom Chisme" like never before! 💃🌟 #MomChisme #SisterTalks #MostLikelyMoments #BesadaSisters

Listen here or watch on YouTube here.


The Tortured Jewelry Department, amiga chismeamos about our newest collection dropping April 19th, 2014. Unlock the secrets of self-expression with our TTJD collection, an homage to Taylor Swift and the enigmatic spirit of the Tortured Poet Society. Each piece holds a whispered tale, a fragment of a hidden narrative waiting to be unraveled. Dive into the depths of your soul and adorn yourself with pieces that speak volumes.

Shop Now The Tortured Jewelry Department

On our PGC Blog

We shared Must Have Amazon Best Sellers Of The Week 4/15/2024Last Week at PGC 4/15/2024Trial Tuesday - K18 AirwashTry On Thursday - The Tortured Jewelry Department Collection, We are Tay Obsessed and YES our new collection is The Tortured Jewelry DepartmentMeet the Mom Chisme Sisters: A Game of Most Likely, What to Watch Chisme 4/21/2024, In Our Amazon Cart April 21st, 2024

On a personal Note

 I have been enjoying life with family it is always so so nurturing to my heart to have my parents, Ata and Ata Ray visiting and just enjoying time together. Plus Lita Martha my Abuelo from my moms side is always staying with us, she is a fabulous 96 year old that is thriving it's so beautiful and a huge blessing to be able to spend time together. 

As always we are eternally grateful for your love and support and dont get tired of repeating THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! It is you who makes PGC and drives this little dream everyday!

love you big,


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