Iconic & Easy Halloween Costumes - Hailey & Justin Bieber

Halloween is here!!! We have an iconic and super easy costume idea and hand you over best costume for 2023. Hailey & Justin Bieber, dress up with hubby or alone for this iconic moment.

For Haileys Look-

1. Bubble letter necklace

2. Strapless dress from amazon, and a beautiful option from Saks that can also stay in your closet for the rest of the season. 

3. A strappy heel option from amazon and an iconic red sling back to add to your shoes closet from Aquazzura.

4. A red baguette bag, we love this Jacquemus and of course we found a great option from amazon, plus we are kind of obsessed with this coach one as well

For Justins Look- 

1. Grey Jersey Shorts

2. Grey Hoodie

3. Yellow Crocs

4. Pink Trucker Hat  

5. Crew Socks

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