Fall Wedding Guest Dresses '23 Mango

It's wedding season!!!! Amiga we have been invited to 3 weddings and a black tie 40th Birthday in the next few weeks and we have been searching every corner of the internet for the perfect dress!!! From elegant feathers to red lace to sexy shimmery here are the top 15 Fall Wedding Guest Dressed from Mango 2023. Number 15 is our favorite it's the fall wedding moment you need

1. Draped-neck rhinestone dress a little sparkle to dance the night away!!

Mango Draped-neck rhinestone dress


2. Asymmetrical pleated dress, this silhouette is so so flattering and the pleating is divine.

Mango Asymmetrical pleated dress


3. Satin dress with volume sleeves, its the year of the Barbie Movie and this dress is giving all the Barbie vibes.

Mango Satin dress with volume sleeves


4. Sequined maxi flower dress, it's the shimmer and flower for us! Chic and sparkling you will feel all the main character vibes with this stunning dress. 

Mango Sequined maxi flower dress


5. Strapless dress with sweetheart neckline, red is the color of Fall 2023 and this simple and stylish dress will make you feel beautiful as you celebrate love.

Mango Strapless dress with sweetheart neckline


6. Blazer with sequins and Sequin Pants for a cool trendy look this full blazer and pants look will have you looking like a shimmering queen.

Mango Blazer with sequins and Elastic sequin pants


7. Pleated dress with knot detail, the flow pleats the bright stunning color this dress will turn heads as you float and dance all night long. 

Mango Pleated dress with knot detail


8. Strapless dress with feather detailFlowy fabric. Tailored dress. Long design. Strapless. Feather detail..... Say lesssssss add to cart immediately. 

Mango Strapless dress with feather detail


9. Asymmetrical sequin dress with bow, for the love of bows and sparkle this dress will make you feel like a glowing princess.

 Mango Asymmetrical sequin dress with bow


10. Asymmetric neckline dress, classic and elegant a must have black dress that is timeless and will make you feel and look gorgeous.

Mango Asymmetric neckline dress


11. Asymmetric feather satin dress, she is a moment and she is a main character energy and you will be the belle of the ball.

Mango Asymmetric feather satin dress


12. Satin dress with volume sleeves in Night Blue, a sexy and bold dress and a stunning outfit for a beautiful night filled with love.


13. Satin dress with volume sleeves in Pastel Green for a luxurious pop of color.

Mango Satin dress with volume sleeves


14. Semitransparent feather dress, you will feel bold and beautiful in this stunning feather dress. 


15. Last but not least THE MOMENT!!!!! It is iconic and feminine and the color is chefs kiss you will be best dressed!!! Guipure suit blazer and Guipure suit pants, and the lace is a DREAM! 

Mango Guipure suit blazer and Guipure suit pants

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