Embracing Joy: A Week in the Life of a Millennial Mom

Choosing 'Joy' as my word of the year has transformed my days in the most magical ways. 🌟 This past week was a whirlwind of tiny, perfect moments - cheering at my son's flag football game, sharing giggles with my daughter on our school runs, embracing a new look with some fabulous hair extensions, indulging in the cheesy delight of Little Caesar's pizza puffs ( I blame TikTok and Jordan_the_stallion8 for this 😂 ), and letting my creativity blossom in a flower crown class. Each moment, a precious reminder to find joy in the little things.

As a millennial mom, life can sometimes feel like a balancing act. Between juggling work, family, and personal aspirations, it's easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of daily life. But amidst the chaos, I've learned the importance of pausing to appreciate the simple pleasures that surround me.

Cheering on my son at his football game reminded me of the joy that comes from supporting loved ones in their endeavors. Watching him run across the field with a smile on his face filled my heart with pride and gratitude. And those moments of laughter with my daughter during our school runs? Pure magic. It's in those candid moments of connection that I find the truest form of joy.

But joy isn't just found in the big moments—it's woven into the fabric of our everyday lives. From treating myself to some fabulous hair extensions to indulging in the guilty pleasure of pizza puffs, each experience brought a smile to my face and reminded me to embrace the little moments of happiness that come my way.

And let's not forget the flower crown class hosted by @nany for her beautiful podcast project @encontrandote.club —a delightful opportunity to unleash my creativity and connect with fellow moms in my community. As I crafted my own floral masterpiece, I couldn't help but feel a sense of joy and fulfillment wash over me. Class was by @aniskacreations mom & daughter duo that have the most amazing positive energy, Their studio here in miami is so cute! 

So how are you finding joy in your daily adventures? Whether it's savoring a slice of your favorite pizza, basking in the warmth of your child's laughter, or indulging in a creative pursuit, I encourage you to take a moment to pause and appreciate the beauty of the present moment. Because in the end, it's these small moments of joy that make life truly magical. 💐🍕👑 #MillennialMomMoments #JoyfulJourney

love you big


In this blog post, we celebrate the joys of everyday life as experienced by a millennial mom, highlighting the importance of finding happiness in the little moments. Through personal anecdotes and reflections, we explore the transformative power of choosing joy and embracing the beauty of life's simple pleasures.

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