"Iridescent" Necklace
"Iridescent" Necklace
"Iridescent" Necklace
"Iridescent" Necklace
"Iridescent" Necklace
"Iridescent" Necklace
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"Iridescent" Necklace

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Showing luminous colors & up leveling your look. Chic, trendy and dainty, this necklace is a must for the spring to summer time.  


The Details: 16 inch gold filled link chain with 5 dainty colorful charms. 

Charms -

🌈 - promise & hope for the future

❤️ - self love the most important form of love

⭐️ - always shining light to others 

🌸 - gratitude, always with a gracious heart

🧿 - protection from tarnishing energies, people or places.

Item will ship within 3-4 weeks. 

Even after the fiercest rainstorms, a rainbow peaks through the clouds and evokes a sense of peace and hope for a better and brighter day ahead.  Rainbows mean many things for different people.  For a mother who has lost her angel baby, it represents the miracle of life.  For a home with two mommas, it symbolizes pride and inclusivity. For a struggling heart filled with daily prayers and questions, it symbolizes Gods promise and hope. During the thick of the pandemic when we were faced with dark & uncertain days, in the US & Europe a rainbow was painted and displayed on windows and doors as a symbol of hope for better days to come.  Each and every one of us holds a version of the rainbow that resonates with us and with that promise we know that the end of our rainbow will always appear at the end of our darkest moments to shine it's light.

This collection was designed and curated as a celebration of hope & love so that the woman wearing these pieces can feel beautiful, encouraged, empowered and most of all filled with light and passion to take on her day and celebrate her wins. A reminder to love & romanticize your life in all the ways possible. Because just like the rainbow you, Amiga, are beautiful and meant to shine bright!  

We hope you love it as much as we loved making them! Con amor from our hearts to yours.


Lina & Sarah

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