CONFIDENCE Bow and Heart Statement Earrings
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CONFIDENCE Bow and Heart Statement Earrings

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In our blooming era, you have to have the CONFIDENCE to look inwards and do the work to be the best version of yourself for yourself!

The Details: gorgeous CZ bow with a pink heart drop. 

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 Blooming, A beautiful process of becoming. After heavy winter we are stepping into Our blooming era. Every stunning piece is inspired by the magic of BLOOMING, and once you put on these stunning earrings you will have the confidence and resilience to power sparkle, celebrate and feel like you can take on the world! Start BLOOMING!

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In our newest podcast episode, we share our new inspiration and story behind our this newest collection. We share our personal and business winter struggle. How we transformed and grew through our winter into spring with a little mindset shift and lots of tears. NOW we are ready to enjoy and share our blooming era! We hope this inspire you to step into YOUR BLOOMING ERA amiga!!!

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Love you big!!!!

Lina & Sarah 


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